Send taken from You accurate and full
dimension together with the models, who
will be made after clarification at the
particulars in connection with the work of
the desirable from You models with team of
fashion studio Stefifashion at e-mail
address:, as
in the field about not miss to write "order"
from the same e-mail, from which you are
sent question for order. Within of 24 hours
from the receiving of Your request for order,
will You be, mailed e-mail with the cost
norms at the materials, necessary for the
work of the model, which to be continued to
send us by courier. In readiness from Your
side for sending of the materials for work
at the clothings is necessary from the same
e-mail, from which you are submitted
request for order - to send of e-mail: -
acknowledgment for start at the order.